From Convenor’s Desk

Welcome to the Centre for Infectious Disease Research (CIDR),IISc. The main goal of CIDR is to integrate research activities in the area of infectious diseases with interactions and collaborations and provide avenues for multidisciplinary activities  with translational outcomes. CIDR provides for: office spaces for fellows, a fully equipped and functional laboratory to perform research studies and a state of the art BSL-3 facility. Research activities in CIDR are spearheaded by senior fellows, e.g. Ramalingaswami, DBT- Wellcome ,Ramanujan etc, who have procured competitive grants for studies related to infectious disease research.


Dr. Amit Singh received Senior Career Fellowship (2017) from Wellcome-DBT Alliance..

Dr. Kushi Anand received Early Career Fellowship (2017) from Wellcome-DBT Alliance..

Dr. SuchiGoel from Karolinska University, Sweden joined CIDR as an Infosys Fellow on 3rd Nov2016. A small Party was organized to welcome her.

Dr. SantoshPoddar who helped setup CIDR during its infancy has relocated fulltime to the Imaging Facility, IISc. We do appreciate his contributions to the growth of CIDR. We wish him well in his career and life ahead.

Applications are invited for Infosys Fellow position in CIDR,IIsc.

Infosys – CIDR Joint Symposium on Tuberculosis, Dec 19th, 2016.

Dr. Amit Singh received NASI-SCOPUS Young Scientist Award-2016 (Biological Sciences)

Infosys Foundation funds infectious diseases research at IISc