Welcome to lab webpage of Dr.Shashank Tripathi in CIDR, IISc

Dr.Shashank Tripathi
Assistant Professor
Wellcome Trust India Alliance Intermediate Fellow
Microbiology & Cell Biology Department,
Centre for Infectious Disease Research,
Indian Institute of Science,
CV Raman Avenue, Bangalore-560012, India
Phone: +91 8022932884


News Updates

  1. Rajesh got selected in top 5 for BRICS Young Scientist Conclave 2021
  2. Abhijith and Oyahida’s Research article published in EBioMedicine(The Lancet)-Abhijith,Oyahida,et al(12th August 2021)
  3. Times of India Article Titled “Lessons from a century old pandemic for current India”-Abhijith,Dr Shashank Tripathi(4th March 2021)
  4. Article in Rediff titled ‘One must be cautious, not scared, of the new variants’ (31st March 2021)
  5. Review Article On COVID-19 – Shachee (7th Dec 2020) – and Shashank’s review article gets published in Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy
  6. The Lab Organizes CIDR Annual Symposium 2020(10th nov 2020) – Our Lab organizes the “Combating COVID-19” Symposium with eminent international and national speakers.

  7. PMRF Award(19th oct 2020) – Shachee is awarded the Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF)

  8. Shashank’s Co-Authored Paper In Nature Microbiology(24th aug 2020) – Shashank’s co-authored paper on IFIT2 gets published in Nature Microbiology (Link).

  9. New Lab Members(1st july 2020) – Rishav and Aditi joins the lab as integrated Ph.D. Students. Sumandeep joins as a Ph.D student
  10. Paper On Influenza Live(26th june2020) – Oyahida paper on Influenza Live imaging is accepted in Viruses. (Link)

  11. Join Lab For Masters Thesis(7th may 2021) – Swarnima (BHU) and Manish (Amity, Noida) join lab for Masters thesis
  12. COVID-19 Diagnostic Lab(4th may 2020) – COVID-19 Diagnostic Lab becomes Operational in CIDR, IISc (Link)

  13. Spotlight By Wellcome Trust-India Alliance (1st may 2020) – Shashank is featured as fellow in spotlight by Wellcome trust-India Alliance(Link)
  14. COVID-19 Appears On COVID-Gyan Website (1st may 2020) – Shachhee and Abhijith’s article on COVID-19 appears on COVID-Gyan website(Link)

  15. Awsar Prize For Oyahida (31st march 2020) – Oyahida is awarded Awsar prize for her essay “Peeping into the dressing room of Influenza virus”
  16. Interview From Hindustan Times(20th march 2020) – Shashank is interviewed by Hindustan Times on COVID-19(Link)

  17. Interview From Deccan Herald (15th march 2020) – Shashank is interviewed by Deccan Herald on COVID-19(Link)

  18. Interview From Rediff.Com(13th march 2020) – Shashank is interviewed by on COVID-19(Link)

  19. Lecture On COVID-19(13th march 2020) – Shashank delivers lecture on COVID-19 at MES Society, Bangalore

  20. Carnegie India’s Discussion On COVID-19 (4th march 2020)  – Shashank is invited to Carnegie India’s discussion on COVID-19 (Link)

  21. IISc Open Day (29th feb 2020) – Corona virus exhibition is a big draw in IISc Open day 2020 (Link).

  22. Viruses 2020 – Novel Concepts In Virology (5th feb 2020) – Shashank goes to Viruses 2020 meeting in Barcelona(Link)

  23. New Lab Members ( 7th jan 2020) – Shachee and Rajesh join the lab for PhD

  24. New Lab Members (28th dec 2019) – Abhijith and Rohan Join the lab

  25. Carnegie India’s Panel Discussion On Pandemic Preparedness (6th dec 2019) – Shashank participates in Carnegie India’s panel discussion on Pandemic Preparedness(Link)

  26. Shashank’s Co-Authored Paper In Plos Pathogens (4th nov 2019) – Shashank’s co-authored paper on ELF1 from Meike Dittman’s lab in NYU is published in Plos Pathogens(Link)

  27. Invited Talk At Hong Kong University(9th sep 2019) – Shashank deliver invited talk in Hong Kong University, Pasteur Institute(Link)

  28. Options X Meeting (28th aug 2019) – Shashank goes to Options X meeting in Singapore(Link)

  29. Mansi’s Review ( 14th  August  2019) – Mansi’s Review is published in Vaccines .(Link)
  30. New Lab Members(1st may 2019) – Janvi and Shivpriya from MSU, Baroda join lab for Masters thesis

  31. Janvi and Shivpriya from MSU, Baroda join lab for Masters thesis (2nd april 2019) – Shashank is awarded Infosys Young Investigator Award
  32. First Members Of The Lab (1st march 2019) – Mansi and Oyahida join the lab for Integrated PhD students and Arpita joins lab as Postdoctoral Fellow

  33. Mansi and Oyahida join the lab for Integrated PhD students and Arpita joins lab as Postdoctoral Fellow (1st Feb 2019) – Shashank is awarded DBT-Wellcome Trust India alliance Intermediate Fellowship.(Link)
  34. Inauguration Of Infosys Wing (25th jan 2019) – Infosys Wing is inaugurated in Center for Infectious Disease Research.(Link)

  35. Inception Of Emerging Viral Pathogens Lab (1st jan 2019) – Shashank joins Microbiology & Cell Biology Department of IISc as Assistant Professor.(Link)


“We try to understand how viruses make us sick, and are interested in developing means to prevent that”.

Our lab is interested in studying host-interactions of emerging human viruses, especially Influenza and Flaviviruses (Zika, Dengue), to understand the molecular basis of viral pathogenesis. For this we use Omics approaches (genomewide CRISPR screens, protein-protein interactome and Virus-Host Big Data analysis) in combination with conventional virology, reverse genetics, small animal models and molecular-cell biology methods. We are also working towards development of novel influenza vaccines which provide broad and long term protection. Also, we are exploring novel mechanisms of antiviral innate immunity, which can be leveraged to develop broad spectrum antivirotics and improve vaccine efficacy.