Welcome to lab web page of Dr. Shashank Tripathi at CIDR, IISc

Dr. Shashank Tripathi
Assistant Professor

Wellcome Trust India Alliance Intermediate Fellow
Microbiology & Cell Biology Department,
Centre for Infectious Disease Research,
Indian Institute of Science,
CV Raman Avenue, Bangalore-560012, India

Phone: +91 8022932884


We try to understand how viruses make us sick and are interested in developing means to prevent that.


Our lab is interested in studying host-interactions of emerging human viruses, especially Influenza and Flaviviruses (Zika, Dengue), to understand the molecular basis of viral pathogenesis. For this we use Omics approaches (genomewide CRISPR screens, protein-protein interactome and Virus-Host Big Data analysis) in combination with conventional virology, reverse genetics, small animal models and molecular-cell biology methods. We are also working towards development of novel influenza vaccines which provide broad and long term protection. Also, we are exploring novel mechanisms of antiviral innate immunity, which can be leveraged to develop broad spectrum antivirotics and improve vaccine efficacy.