BD Facs Aria Fusion

The BD FACS ARIA FUSION has 5 lasers that can analyse and sort up to 18 colours. It comes with biosafety cabinet, which has been verified by the Baker Company to meet personnel and product protection standards for a Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet. Windows 7 is the operating system with FACS Diva software for acquisition analysis and sorting.

Laser Specifications:

  1. Red-640nm
  2. Green Yellow-561nm
  3. Blue-488nm
  4. Violet-405nm
  5. Ultra Violet-355nm

Fluorescence Detectors: 18 PMTs in 3R-4YG-2B-7V-2UV configuration

1. Wavelengths Detected from the 640-nm Laser

  • 670/30-nm- APC, Alexa Fluor647
  • 730/45-nm- APC-Alexa 700
  • 780/60-nm- APC-Cy7 or APC-H7

2. Wavelengths Detected from the 561-nm Laser

  • 585/15-nm PE
  • 610/20-nm PE-Texas Red, mCherry, PI
  • 710/50-nm PE-Cy5.5
  • 780/60-nm PE-Cy7

3. Wavelengths Detected from the 488-nm Laser.

  • 530/30-nm FITC
  • 695/40-nm PerCP-Cy5.5.

4. Wavelengths Detected from the 405-nm Laser.

  • 450/40-nm Brilliant Violet 421, V450, VPD450, Pacific Blue
  • 525/50-nm BD Horizon Brilliant Violet 510 or V500, AmCyan
  • 586/15-nm BV570
  • 610/20-nm BD Horizon Brilliant Violet 605
  • 670/30-nm BV650
  • 710/50-nm BV711
  • 780/60-nm BV786

5. Wavelengths Detected from the 355-nm Laser.

  • 379/28-nm BUV395
  • 740/35-nm BUV737

Sort Collection Devices: Two-way sorting: microtubes, 12 x 75 mm, and 15 mL, Four-way sorting: microtubes and 12 x 75 mm, Automatic Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) for slide and plate sorting: 6, 24, 48, 96, and 384-well plates.

Sample Injection Chamber; Sample Input Sizes: Microtubes, 12 x 75 mm Polystyrene or polypropylene tubes can be used.

Temperature Control :Sample input, software-adjustable: 4, 37, and 42 O C.

BD FACS Accudrop: Red diode laser provided for manual or fully automated drop-delay
determination. Automated drop break-off monitoring. Automated clog detection system using
Sweet Spot technology.